Welcome to my home  SWEET  home! My name is Jenna Schmitt, your licensed home baker and guide to finding just the right treat that provides not only pleasure but an experience, a memory. My life in the world of baked goods began long ago as a child while in the kitchen with my mother baking for my family, and my passion for it has only grown.
Wanting to expand my knowledge and experience as a baker I attended Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado as a student of the Baking and Pastry Arts program.  After being exposed to nearly all the realms of the Pastry field I returned back home!
​Having as much of a love for my home as my profession, Dream Desserts by Design was born, my own dream come true, run right out of my favorite place on earth, my home. I want to share with others the special memories that can be made, only with a home baked treat. – I have hundreds!

Every dessert is special.